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About us

We are two brothers, Guillermo and José Salinas. We have always enjoyed being in contact with nature and trips that allow us to explore it at a different pace than we live on a daily basis.

As children, we did many road trips with our parents, visiting different regions of the country and the continent. A little older, we toured different regions of Chile by bicycle and tent, where the landscape, simple routine, and good company were the most valuable. Then came motorcycle, camper, and motorhome trips.

For years we both had traditional jobs in economist and business manager roles until we decided to start this project. We wanted to do it as a family business because family is where we were encouraged to seek adventures since we were children. However, we are certain that conducting this in a professional way is key to a sustainable and growing business.

When we went out to finance the fleet, a third Salinas rapidly joined us: our father. José sr. is an engineer who has always passed on his love for the outdoors. Together with him, we were joined by another engineer: Pablo Guarda. Pablo has several years of experience in the high-standard tourism industry, specifically in Chilean Patagonia.

More recently, we’ve been joined by Vicente, who helps us by commanding the company’s operation with joy and passion to live the nature of our country at its best.

We are convinced that touring Chile is a great experience. For its enormous natural wealth and variety of landscapes with still little human intervention. As a country, we are shaped by the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, through more than 4,000 km – from north to south. Exploring it over one of our 4×4 campers is the best way to travel with family, friends and even alone.

Our goal is to deliver a reliable, safe and quality service. We seek to be the means that allow you to live an unforgettable experience. To achieve this, we firmly believe that our company must be professional in all its processes and levels, so our decisions always take that into consideration.

We invite you to come and live your dream trip, full of 180 Sur moments.