1. What accessories are the Campers equipped with?

Our campers are equipped with a stove and cookware (pots, pans, kitchen knives, coffee maker, dishes, cutlery etc.), refrigerator, heating, hot shower, indoor and outdoor table. If you wish to include extra accessories you can ask us!

2. What extra accessories can I include?

We have different extra accessories you can reserve such as kayaks, SUP, surfboards, hammocks, grills, child car seats, chemical toilets, and more. Ask for availability and rental costs.

3. How does the reservation process work?

First you must define which type of camper you would like to reserve, then the dates and place you would like to pick it up and return it. Not sure about it? Don’t worry! We can help you with a quotation for rental which is available for a 50% down payment or USD$ 2,000 payment in advance. You pay the remaining cost of the reservation the moment the trip starts.

4. What documents do I need to make a reservation?

We will only require your passport picture and your driver’s license.

5. Where can I pick up / return a camper?

We have permanent locations for delivery and return for campers in Santiago and Puerto Varas. However, our services allow you to pick up and return campers in any city in Chile when available. Ask us for a cost estimate if you prefer to start or finish your trip in a different place.

6. What must I consider when receiving or returning the camper.

When starting the trip, a 40 minutes instruction about general functions of the camper and its accessories must be considered. When the trip is finished at least 30 minutes must be considered to check the returning conditions of the camper and close the rental contract.

7. What does the rental price include?

The price includes complete equipment for the camper: bedding, towels, kitchen kits and more. Moreover, it includes a damage insurance for the camper and/or the truck.

8. Is there any rental discount for long trip deals?

Our prices are per day and defined according to the amount of days you rent, so if you get the camper for more than 14 days you will access up to a 10% lower daily price. More details on prices in “Our campers” section.

9. Do the prices include taxes?

All the prices include the total amount to pay including taxes, so you will not pay extra costs.

10. How can I pay my reservation?

We accept online deposits and card payments. The latter option includes a 3% extra charge.

11. Do I need a special driver’s license for campers?

No, to drive our campers you only need a valid Class B driver’s license from your country of residence.

Make sure you are familiar with a manual transmission vehicle.

12. What precautions should I take when driving a camper?

There are two main reasons that make driving a camper truck more difficult than a normal vehicle: (i) Additional weight and (ii) oversize. Driving with additional weight causes slower reactions as when using breaks, whereas oversize makes turnings and moving through tight spaces more complicated. As general rule, it is recommended to drive consciously and preventing accidents, keep distance and go at a safe speed.

13. What do I do if I have a problem during the trip?

We work focused on preventing rather than reacting to problems. However, we understand a camper road trip may bring surprises, so our rental contracts provide phone assistance should problems arise while on the road.